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Copyright Protection of your Business in 181 Countries

Protection of your Brand & Logo, Design & Visuals, Ideas & Concepts, Business Models & Technologies is our top priority. With our robust Copyright Protection services, we ensure your Intellectual Property remains secure in 181 Countries, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth.

Protect Your Business in 181 Countries

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Our Services

Our Services


Copyright Protection

We Protect your Intellectual Property in 181 Countries

Copyright Protection of IP Assets: 

  • Brand & Logo 

  • Design & Website 

  • Technologies & Innovation 

  • Business Model

  • Concepts & Original Ideas

  • Domain & Social Media 

Check the list of 181 countries here

Protection & Valuation

We Protect & Valuate your Intellectual Property 

IP Valuation helps with:

  • Identifying fair market value of your IP Assets 

  • Attracting Investments from Institutional & Private Investors

  • Monetisation of IP Asset 

  • Buying  & Selling IP Assets 

We determine the monetary value of your IP Assets in accordance with IVS 210 Intangible Assets.


We can provide thorough assistance with your IP upon request

  • License agreements 

  • IP rights transfer agreement 

  • Selling your IP assets to an investor or buyer 

  • IP Strategy development 

  • IP-Funding & Capitalisation 

  • Preparation of Legal notice

  • Trademarks & Patents

Our team of IP lawyer and experts will answer all your questions regarding Intellectual Property.

Intellect Lawyer is a licenced partner of INTEROCO Copyright Office (EU, Germany, Berlin) in GCC Region.


Trademark vs Copyright 

You may consider that Trademark protects your Intellectual Property the same as Copyright, however, this is not correct: while Trademark focuses solely on Visuals of your Business, Copyright protection goes beyond that by safeguarding the entire creative concept, including innovative solutions, technologies and visual elements. 

Our Copyright Protection extends to 181 countries, providing global coverage for your business's intellectual property, while trademark protection is limited to a single registered location.

Let's compare:


1. Registration process


10 - 12 months


10 - 20 days

2. Validity time

10 years

3. Region coverage

Only in registered location

During author's life and 50 years after death

181 countries 

4. Who can be author 

Only legal entity 

Private individual Legal entity

IP Shares

We have developed the solution that allows companies and projects to attract investments from Institutional and Private investors based on their Protected & Valuated Intellectual Property.

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